Positive Material Identification (PMI)

The PMI (Positive Material Identification) check enables all the main alloying elements of ferrous and non-ferrous materials to be checked.

This type of non-destructive inspection does not compromise or damage the material being examined.

Chemical Analysis of the Material

Chemical analysis of the material involving the detection of the chemical elements of the alloy of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. You will always know the components of your alloy with maximum precision of the elements and their percentage.

ITALTEST has always been able to detect the percentage of Carbon and/or of the elements to be investigated, thanks to the great experience and preparation of its technicians and to the high-generation and high-precision technology that it provides.

Today even more, thanks to new devices, i.e., a portable, lightweight, compact high-precision analyzer – compliant with API RP 578 (2021) standard, we will be able to investigate the required elements with greater speed, as, in a few seconds, it detects carbon, silicon and metal alloys with high precision. Therefore, we will be able to investigate small details and there are no longer limits to the places where it can be used. In fact, it will be possible to have access to the smallest spaces, to those small areas that were previously difficult to reach such as: underground and semi-underground pipes as well as all areas with limited access.

Chemical analysis with research of CARBON AND NOT ONLY! We measure carbon in steels, stainless steels and other alloys (metallographic analysis). We can measure carbon as well as other metals including Cr, Ni, Cu, and many more. Laser induced plasma spectroscopy, one of the most advanced spectroscopic techniques, is optimal for measuring critical alloys elements such as Mg, Si, Li (Lithium), Be (Beryllium), B (Boron), Cr, Mn, Cu and others heavy or transition metals. Lithium, boron, beryllium in aluminum alloys. We can carry out both qualitative and quantitative analyzes.

One of the advantages and convenience is the use of the sample without the need for pre-treatment.



In just 3 seconds, we can measure even minimal percentages of silicon (up to 0.02%) for the purpose of controlling corrosion by sulfidation. It is used in major refineries.

We can measure amounts of chromium below 0.03% in just a few seconds, without the need to use X-ray sources.

Possiamo misurare quantità di cromo inferiori allo 0,03% in pochissimi secondi, senza necessità di impiegare sorgenti di raggi X.


We also measure the elements that X-rays cannot detect: Li, Be, B and Na. Many special alloys are characterized by the presence of low atomic number elements, which are not detectable using a portable X-ray analyzer.

of the Positive Material Identification

  • UPSTREAM CHECKS: Check of alloys on land or offshore drilling platforms.
  • CHECKS DURING TRANSPORT: Pipeline safety – rapid field measurement of carbon and carbon equivalent. Check of compliance of materials with specifications (API 5L and PHMSA “Mega Rule”).
  • DOWNSTREAM CHECKS: PMI for carbon steels, L-grade and H-grade stainless steels and nickel alloys. Residual elements (Cr, Cu, Ni), including carbon. Carbon and carbon equivalent in materials and welds.
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