Cryogenic functional testing

The Cryogenic Test is a special test used to test the tightness of the valve (both in floating and trunnion versions) at low temperatures from -36 ° C to -196 ° C with liquid nitrogen.

The cryogenic valve is tested at the operating pressure and temperature specific to the class it belongs to.

Valves Leak Test

  • Positioning of the valve in the cryogenic tank and checking of all connections.
  • Slow injection of liquid nitrogen in a cryogenic tank.
  • When the required temperature is reached, the test gas is introduced into the valve at the pressure indicated by the testing procedure.
  • During the test, any leaks to the outside are detected and quantified by a leak detector, the Sniffer (control instrument).
  • Any internal leaks, on the other hand, are detected in the classic way with manometers and bubble counters.
  • The temperature is kept constant and is monitored by a thermocouple inserted inside the valve which displays the exact value in ° C on a display.
  • At the end of the test a report is generated, the valve is depressurized and gradually brought to room temperature.
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